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Facilitate an interactive user experience

Widgets can be used for a variety of purposes, such as providing visitors with information, allowing them to interact with the website, or collecting data

Interactive website widget interface design

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post_addSocial Widgets
Interactive website components linking visitors to a company's social media profiles
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    Make it easy for website visitors to share the business's content with their social media networks.
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    Increase your social media engagement, such as likes, follows, and comments.
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    Social media statistics help you build trust and credibility with website visitors.
Social media integration widgets for websites
star_outlineRating and Reviews Widgets
Build trust in your brand, provide valuable feedback, and help to boost your sales
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    Provide solid social proof that can lead to the purchase decision of your visitors.
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    Boosting SEO Ranking: Reviews are also a factor in Google's search engine ranking algorithm, you can improve your chances of ranking higher in search results.

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    Visitors are more likely to stay on your site longer and browse more pages if they can read reviews from other customers.
Customer rating and review widgets display
smart_toyChatbot Widgets
Connect with your customers instantly

Chatbot widgets are useful because they offer efficient, instant, and personalized support to users, leading to improved customer satisfaction, increased engagement, and cost savings for businesses.

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    Providing 24/7 Customer Support: Provide instant support to customers, even outside of normal business hours.

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    Improve customer satisfaction and reduce the workload on human customer support representatives.
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    Chatbots are excellent at handling repetitive queries, such as FAQs.
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    Generate leads by qualifying visitors and collecting their contact information.
AI chatbot widget for customer service interaction
articleForms Widgets
Allows website visitors to submit their information or sign up to receive a newsletter
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    Collect feedback from customers about their support experience, and collect contact information for customers who need further assistance.
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    This leads to higher conversion rates and more satisfied customers.
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    Forms are a valuable tool for generating leads. By offering incentives like free trials, ebooks, or newsletters in exchange for user data, businesses can grow their potential customer base.
Online form widget for user submissions and data collection
mark_unread_chat_altLive Chat Widgets
Real-time communication method used to interact with customers or website visitors
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    Customers appreciate the ability to get help quickly and easily, and live chat is one of the fastest ways to do that.
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    Live chat agents can help customers with their purchase decisions, answer questions, and resolve issues in real-time.
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    Live chat is a more cost-effective way to provide support than phone or email.
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    Provide businesses with valuable customer data, such as feedback on products and services, and insights into customer needs and pain points.
Live chat support widget for instant customer communication
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